When a box is not enough

The scope of this paper is to analyse the challenges the music industry faces when it is to act in a network economy where the distribution of music is no longer restricted to selling physical artifacts to consumers through ordinary outlets – when a box is no longer enough. That is, we wish to uncover what happens when music becomes e-music.

We cannot focus on all aspects of e-music – it simply is not possible to map all consequences which digitalisation may or may have on the music industry. Based on an analysis of the legal and economic frameworks which the music industry operate within, that is various kinds of intellectual property rights legislation and rules of the network economy, we hope to answer the following questions:

In attempting to answer these questions it is vital to focus on all major interests of the music industry, including the record labels, the consumers, the artists, and governments. A decisive element of the analysis is to discuss how these parties might be working together in the pursuit of their common interest.

By Thomas Lue Lytzen & Franz Berliner

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